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Meeting Dr. Marvin Sapp

Meeting Dr. Marvin Sapp

I have not had the opportunity to meet Dr. Sapp YET, but its coming. My FAITH is strong, and I know our paths will cross soon. My God says if you ask in His son Jesus name, and if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, it shall come to pass. I believe it with my WHOLE heart. Dr. Sapp get ready, because it will be a life changing experience for the both of us. WE WILL MEET!!!! In Jesus name. God Bless you and your Children, One BIG hug. JWP

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I have not eet Mr. Sapp yet, but I hope and pray to get the chance to. I did get the chance to see him preform at JoyFest 2011 at Kings Dominion this year. It was a real treat for me, because it was my first time seeing him sing live. Even I don't get the chance to meet him, he has blessed my soul through his ministry and I pray that God continues to do a mighty work in him.

Praying for the day I get to meet you. I was in Atlanta at the last Bronner Brother's Hairshow and would have loved to get you to autograph a photo or the show guide anything. My dad does outreach minstery and has his ministry license. He too loves your music as
I try to support him at 71 yrs old with his nursing homes and rehabilitation centers and what knot. At any rate, my e-mail is <a href=""></a> I am a fan on fb and your sight....Could you plz send a schedule for the next time you in ga for I would love to take my dad,, although he has me to sing usually, when I am off wk,plz include cost to book you for 30-1 hr.


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I have not had the oppotunity to meet Pastor,Marvin yet but my hope is to meet him one
day,I am a big fan,He is my Favorite male Gospel singer,And also i have been bless by his preaching,So Pastor,you have been a double blessing in my life ,I thank the Lord for the Calling and Gifts he has placed within your life,May the Lord continue to bless you and your family,And youall are continuely in my prayers,God,Bless.

all i want for now is that i want to play for marvin sapp. i've been a little follower of him even distance is setting us at different edges. but i pray that one day i will play and marvin sings one his songs. WE LOVE YOU.